About The QS Company

  • Established in 2013, we provide Quantity Surveying services across a wide range of projects that deal with unique challenges.

    With a team of 80+ engineers, high-performing professionals from the construction industry who bring with them extensive knowledge and skill, we provide world-class services to all our clients.

    A few years ago, our founders saw the presence of a huge gap in the construction industry where most engaged in the segment faced a shortage in skilled staff for handling the critical functions of Quantity Surveying. This gave birth to our organization, The Quantity Survey Company, which now works to remedy this situation by providing high-quality service through expert knowledge.

    We are a young but highly skilled, procedure-driven, ISO-certified Company created to provide Quantity Surveying services spanning the entire spectrum of project duration from pre-contract to the final handing-over stages. We understand the importance of correct & prompt valuation and certification of work done, giving us the proud distinction of being a part of several projects' success stories.

    Our Vision

    Providing accurate Bills of Quantities, with reliable data to support, raising timely concerns to keep projects on track, and adding value to the customers. Having a procedure-driven, high-performing team, capable of doing the impossible on all kinds of projects, stemming from a belief in competence, respect and dignity for all and striving to do better than they think they can.

    Our Mission

    To provide Quantity Surveying Services to the owners engaged in construction with pre-contract and post-contract activities as required, cost management, value engineering, timely certification of bills, preparing accurate bills of quantities and raising concerns through our knowledgeable, professional, trained and courteous team. We will fulfil their wants, educate them and problem solve for our customers.

    Our Quality Policy

    In our pursuit of managing and delivering service excellence in Quantity Surveying Solutions, the leadership at QS Company is dedicated to maintaining high standards of professional excellence by aligning with the changing needs, resulting in an enhanced stakeholder value.

    Our Core Values

    Honesty & Fairness - We honour our commitments and live by our words. We offer equal opportunity to all and demonstrate honesty and transparency in our dealings.

    Customer Centricity - Our strategies, decisions and actions will focus on creating significant value for customers. We will offer simple and best-in-class experiences to our customers by leveraging quality, technology and process.

    Passion to Excel - We will take pride in raising industry standards in every pursuit which is core to our business. We will invest in simplifying every aspect of Real Estate Business Model in India and be recognized as the Industry Leader.

    People Focus - We will enable an energized and value-based environment where team spirit prospers and working is fun. We will operate as a high-performing team and take pride in our work. We will support each other to achieve our professional and personal aspirations.

    Corporate Citizenship - We will demonstrate our responsibility towards society and the environment through our actions and policies. We will anticipate and address explicit needs emerging from the environment, customers and colleagues.

    Innovation - We constantly think out of the box to better our products, services and processes. We strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do.

    Inclusivity - We strongly believe that everyone has a role to play. Inclusion allows us to see things from a broader perspective and generates a unique connect at the workplace.



    Budget Preparation

    Contractor Evaluation



    Finalizing Contractors

    Preparation of the Contract

    Budget Tracking

    Cost Management


    BoQ Preparation

    Value Engineering to BoQs (If Given by Consultants)

    BoQ Revisions

    Package Estimates

    Checking/Certification of Bills

    Variations Handling Timely/Effectively

    Non-tender Items - Admissibility & Recommendation

    MB Entries

    Checking of BBS for Bill Verification

    Project Quantity of Client Supply Materials

    Attending Site Meetings, As & When Required

    Contract Closure:

    Final Bill Certification

    Material Reconciliation

    Claims Settlement

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